Today was a bit more relaxed than yesterday, we only had to wear our workout outfit for most of the day. We were taken to go for breakfast at 7 am to board the bus and drive over. After breakfast we were taken to a Yoga place called Union Fitness where we did a fifty minute yoga class… was difficult to fit all 65 of us into one room…I was smelling Mega’s feet (Miss Teen Canada World 2012). It was so much fun and so relaxing, I love doing yoga; I could of fallen asleep at the end of the class laying on the matt and listening to Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror! The instructor was really good and everyone knew exactly what she was telling us to do, she didn’t even have to show us! All the girls and I then again boarded the bus ( Shore Airlines! ) and went back to the hotel to rehearse our walks and swimsuit number! We are dancing to “Bom Bom Bom” by Sam and The Womp, it looks really good so far. At around four thirty after lunch we had ten minutes to change into nice dresses and heels to go to the mall! We were sponsored $50 dollars each for garage! And also a ten dollar gift card for the food court. This took a long time, walking around the mall with 65 girls in crowns and heels draws a lot of attention…especially boys! It took us a few hours to shop in one store and get some supper! It was delicious subway that I had 🙂 Thank you Garage and Urban Eatery for the gift cards!! check out my Facebook and twitter for some pictures!

Janelle Sparrow Miss Teen Brandon-World 2013

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