Hello everyone, id like to tell you about my experiance at Richtree. yesterday we managed to get all 82 of us pageant princesses to the toronto eaton centre for a quick bite to eat at one of our amazing sponsors.
i must say that theres a wide variety depending on youre taste, personally i went for their chicken taco. which was amazing there was the perfect amount of spice which was paired well with an ice cold sprite. they had amazing service and they all treated us no nicely.. so if you ever have a chance to head down to the Toronto eaton centre i definatly highly suggest it. Richtree has four open kitchen restaurants around ontario. Richtree offers casual dinning and take-out services. their menus are inspired by all-natural, fresh, local, and inb season ingredients. including antibiotic and hormone-free meats.
my overall expriance at the Toronto Eaton Centre was unbeleivable and i must say i willl be back, thanks again for sponsoring all of us lovely ladies the food was excellent and the service was unbeatable. not to mention their cool design of having a taco truck to serve people right in the middle of the mall. creativity was key.

Written by: Catherine
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