good evening blog readers, tonight i would like to quickly tell everyone a little about myself, what my plateform is, why it is so important to me as well as what i could do to promote my platform as Miss Teenage Canada. 
My platfrom is to help encourage youth to stand out and be yourself, dont stop at nothing.. you truly dont know what you can achieve until you try, i feel as though this is a very important issue in todays society. As social media has boomed in this generation i beleive it has hurt some peoples perspective on the definition of perfect. there are to many people who think you need to be a certain way to be perfect. When that is what is truly making the young female youth loose their self confidence and holding them back from their dreams and ambitions.
For myself this is a very important issue.. growing up i had my self confidence plummet due to the way people judged me for not being their definition of perfect, i held myself back from so much when i shouldnt have. As i have got older and matured more in life i realized the importance of self confidence, thyis pageant has taught me alot about myself, and i truly wouldnt be where i am today without such supportive parents, family members and my boyfriend.
if i were crowned Miss Teenage Canada i would promote my platform by volenteering at youth centres, and telling others my story and hopefully help the youth through whatever problems they may be facing in life. id love to take from my situations and make others over come there fears so they dont hold theirselves back like i had once done to myself.
thank you for taking the time to read a little bit more about myself, my platform, and why i would like to be crowned Miss Teenage Canada.
sincerely, Catherine Dubois

Written by: Catherine
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