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Although skating season for me is over for the year I thought I would look back on my season and fill you all in. Mostly because the snow is still on the ground! I want to talk about my amazing synchronized skating team! Synchronized skating is a team of girls moving together on the ice as one movement at high speeds.The group of girls I skate with are so inspiring and encouraging with everyone on the team, especially me! I thought I would share the story of how I became to be a part of my synchronized skating team, ConnXion. First of all I will give a little bit of background on my skating; I started to skate when I was only three years old and immediately began to figure skate. I loved it! Skating is my passion, I remember being at the rink every day of the week not only for my skating but also for my brother’s hockey. I was a figure skater in Souris Manitoba where I lived for the first few years of my life. But I also “attempted” to play hockey…. It was a rec hockey team and I didn’t play for very long… mostly due to the fact that I couldn’tskate in hockey skates and used my figure skates. And instead of actually playing the game and being focused I would just spin on the ice, completely ignoring what was going on around me. I continued to figure skate for the many years I lived in Souris, then my dad got a job in Brandon, we made the move in 2006. I stopped figure skating due to knee problems and began to take up other sports. A few years have passed by and I started to volunteer with the CanSkate program at my local rink and really started to miss skating. I looked into singles skating again in Brandon but after one season I realized I wasn’t as good as I once was. So I began to look at the synchronized skating program and decided to join the team, for the first year I really struggled with my skating skills and speed to be able to skate with the team. It was too dangerous for me to join in with the team because I would put myself at risk if I fell. I trained beside them for a year, went to all the competitions, got my hair and makeup done every time and acted as a spare, although it was very difficult for me to stand on the sidelines and watch my team skate I knew that if I pushed myself I could skate with the team. Throughout the year my team was so supportive, especially my couch Tammy, who also couched my synchro team in Souris when I was little. I am so proud of myself; I have come a long way! And this year I got to skate with the team and skate every competition and ice show! I also got an award for most improved at the end of the year and couldn’t be happier to have the team I do. Without them I would not be able to be as confident as I am each and every time I step out on the ice. Even when I have a bad day and can’t get the right steps my team is always there to boost me up and tell me I can do it! I can’t wait till September when I can get back on the ice and skate with my team again!!

The photo above was taken at Winterfest in Toronto, Marian is the girl skating beside me 🙂

This is the gang 🙂 my couch is in the middle with the yellow scarf, Tammy. I am third from the left in the front row.

This photo shows exactly what my team is like off the ice 🙂 Energetic and fun!

I Love each and everyone of these girls on the team and can’t wait to see them next year!


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