2013 Miss Teen Canada-World Blog Network Assignment Number One

TioCoat is on one the sponsors for the first blog assignment, the first assignment is for each on one the delegates to research a green building in their community and blog about how “Green” the building is. TioCoat specializes in roof coating that is guaranteed to last the life of the building; they use something called a White Roof, which helps to lower energy costs on the building. If every building in Canada had a white roof the whole world would be cooler! They use a special coating that TioCoat consists of a polymeric binder blended with pigments and other additives to provide benefits like the protection of roof membrane making the roof last loner and reflecting solar radiation to lower air conditioning costs. I would first off like to thank TioCoat for sponsoring this blog assignment!

So what exactly is a green building?? Well I will tell you! A green building, also known as a sustainable building, is a structure that is designed, built, renovated, or reused in an ecological and resource-efficient manner. With this definition in mind I chose the coolest building I could find in Brandon and that just so happened to be a school. And it just so happens to be 75% underground! And yes it is a fully functional school like any other. This school is called River Heights.

The Brandon School Division decided to build a new school in the River heights area. This decision was decided in March 1976. Due to the fact that there are multiple single family homes in the area the school division worked alongside with the City of Brandon to come up with a new idea of having a Park, School, and Playground all in one. The architect for the building was Mr. Don McFeetors of MacDonald, Cockburn, Mcfeetors. He designed the school to be partially underground, using the earth to save energy. The building is a low profile earthborn structure; this means that the building is at or above ground level and uses earth to cover the building.

As shown above you can see some of the earth covering the school. Earth covers 75% of the schools shell which creates less temperature variation, also with the school being underground there is a reduction of vandalism. The building is also a complementary setting and provides more green space than a conventional school. I know I would love to spend recess up on the roof!! The school is low maintenance and provides passive energy consumption. The earth covering the school provides natural insulation all year round. The Earth makes a temperature lag, in January the building still holds an October temperature so in the summer the building stays cool and in winter its nice and toasty warm. This feature lowers the cost of heating and cooling by 253%

Other energy saving features of the building includes:

Double Doorways

Quadruple glaze windows

Time clocks on car plugs and air change systems

Reduced hot water temperature

Reduced lighting

Gym roof is reinforced to hold the future expansion of solar panels.

I love this school because it can be used by the community outside school hours and they don’t have to worry about vandalism because 75% is dirt and the other 25% is made up of durable materials like brick, concrete and aluminum. The school can also be sectioned off inside so that the community can use the facilities without actually entering the school. Natural light is a key component in an economically friendly building, and it just so happens that the school has a huge skylight dead center in the middle of the school, this light is in the middle of the resource center and provides natural light throughout the entire school. In the picture below you can see just how big the skylight is and on the inside it truly has an effect. Using natural light lowers energy consumption, and also helps make the building greener.

The natural light is truly effective with the open concept of the school; the classrooms are designed to accommodate a wide range of grade levels and they are designed like modules. The wide corridors to help with smooth flow and an open-like feeling, the open floor plan was also created to use less light to lower energy costs on the building. This happens to be my favorite building in Brandon I love the concept of school, park and playground all in one! I spent most of the summer here at the school grounds last year with a little girl I was Nanning and she loved to sit onto of the school on the benches and suntan. In my eyes this Green building, not only because it’s underground but also because it is energy efficient. I would like to thank TioCoat once again for sponsoring this blog assignment 🙂



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